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Understanding the different shades of blue

Bedroom painted in Lick Blue 06 paint

WordsFrankie Marqueé


It would be quite the understatement to say that there are more than a few shades of blue. You’ve got your navy blues, your baby blues and your somewhere-in-the-middle blues. Finding ‘the one’ is sometimes a case of kismet. But more often than not, you’re likely to be drawn to a few and who could blame you? Cue our Lick Studio team, who will help you with this quick-fire guide to uncovering your beloved blue.

Picking your perfect shade of blue paint

Paint decision-making comes down to two key questions: to which color are you most drawn, and which will suit your room, its furniture and the type of natural light it receives most? So, even if you’re faced with a palette of umpteen blues, you’ll pretty much be able to whittle the options down to a handful simply by asking yourself those questions. Our colorists write all about how to choose the right paint color for your room, should you fancy a deeper read.

But what about if you’re like a moth to a flame across the whole spectrum of blues? What about if pale Blue 01 makes you as weak at the knees as deep and inky Blue 07? Panic not, there are three possible paths you can take. First up, our stick-on paint samples. This way, you can give each hue a whirl on your walls – no paint brush required. Second, book a color consultation with one of our color specialists who will do all the matchmaking for you. Or thirdly, with a bit more reading to dig deeper into the intricacies of the different types of blues. And as if by magic…

The pale and interesting blues

This first set of blues are the lightest of the bunch, making them a fine choice when you don’t want buckets of color but you do want a paint that’s more than a classic neutral. They all share a similar depth of color, but their undertones are what mix things up. Our pale blue paint, Blue 01, has got a grey-green undertone, making it warm but not in a traditional way. Similarly, light blue green paint Blue 03 has green undertones too, making it a great choice if you want something modern country in character. Then you’ve got Blue 02 – the fresh prince if you will.

“Blue 01 and Blue 03 have subtle hues of soft green, which are indicative of wellbeing and relaxation. Soft blues aid the mind in drifting to lighter thoughts but can also boost concentration levels making them good in a home office too.”