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Often it’s the little things that count. A barista remembering your order, a compliment on your new haircut, and getting something for free. 

That’s why we’re offering free shipping on all orders over $150. Because even though there may not be such a thing as a free lunch, there is such a thing as free shipping. 

$5 shipping on sample orders

We’ve made decorating simple. You can order as many of our wallpaper and peel-and-stick paint samples as you like while only spending $5 on shipping.

Free shipping on all orders over $150

Begin your decorating journey with Lick, tomorrow! Browse our selection of paintswallpaper and decorating supplies.

Read our shippings & returns policy for more info on paint and wallpaper delivery.

Let’s decorate.

Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got something to make your job a little easier. Our range includes:

Lick paint

Lick decorating supplies

Lick wallpaper

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