Lick Pro tools 3 inch paint brush dipped in green paint

Put the eco in decorating.

Created with decorating professionals, Lick Pro Tools meet the highest environmental standards and have been built to last. So every brush, roller, tray and everything in between is as good for your decorating project as they are for the planet. 

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    Quality that lasts a lifetime

  • Drawing of a tool box holding a paint brush and roller

    Professional standard, as standard

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    Sustainability without compromise

Decorator painting with roller and Lick Teal 02 paint

Tools with a difference

Made with professional decorators in mind, these tools help create a flawless finish every time. Say goodbye to pesky brush streaks or rollers that need to be re-loaded every 10 seconds. 

Tools that make a difference

Roller frames with bamboo handles from a managed forest, paint trays made from sugarcane pulp and eco-friendly are just a few ways we’re putting sustainability first. 

Lick 3" Flat paint brush on green background

On the path to being fully carbon neutral

Lick Pro Tools has carbon neutral verification on key products like brushes and paint trays already, and is looking forward to this being the case across the entire range.