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Multi-room painting kit


Using multiple colours or decorating a few rooms? This 11-piece painting kit has all the eco-friendly supplies you'll need. What's more, each element has been designed by decorating professionals, so you can trust that they'll create a perfect finish every time. 

  • 9” Bamboo roller frame
  • 2x 9” Mid pile sleeve
  • 4” Bamboo roller frame
  • 2x 4” Mid pile sleeve
  • 1” Cutting-in paint brush
  • 9” pulp paint tray
  • 2x Painters masking tape
  • 1x Bio-degradable dust sheet

  • Bamboo icon

    Made from bamboo & recycled materials

  • Drawing of a hand holding a diamond

    Developed with professionals

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Lick multi-room painting kit in packaging

1x Multi-room painting kit

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