Living room decorated in Lick Black 01 from the dark and moody mood colour palette

Dark & moody

Am I the drama? With these dark and moody palettes, you almost certainly are. Curated by our color specialists, these bold hues will create a space that's maximum drama with minimum effort. Cause a storm in a tin with these dark and moody colors.

Immerse yourself in rich tones, perfect to pair with brass and darker woods.


Blue 06

Deep slate blue

Blue 06 US Lick 1 Gallon tin render
1 Gal

Blue 17

A grounded, muted blue

Blue 17 US Lick 1 Gallon tin render
1 Gal

Green 06

Dark holly green

Close up of Lick tin in Green 06 paint shade
1 Gal

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