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Blue 06Living room

Nice colour

Green 02Kitchen

Yes, would definitely use again

Green 02Bedroom

Amazing products honestly the coverage was beautiful. I love the fact that I could sleep in the bedroom the same day I painted! The paint smell little to nothing!

Green 06Living room

Always a pleasure to use Lick paint! This was our first time using a new decorator and he'd never used Lick before - he loved it!

Teal 03Bedroom

We love using Lick paint and it’s our go to paint when redecorating. We’ve used it all over the house, including the kitchen cupboards!

Green 09Kitchen

So simple to use from choosing your colour to painting, absolutely perfect !

Blue 02Bedroom

Loved all the products. This was used in a rental property and was one of our first rooms to go. All the builders said they loved the paint too.

Red 01Living room

Great product - love the variety of colours, that the paint dries quickly and Licks' ethos as a company of selling sustainable and non-toxic products

Red 01Living room

Love the product, highly recommend and we’ll be using again

Red 01Living room

We really enjoyed painting with Lick. The colours are great and it goes on easy!

Pink 01Bedroom

Lick is forever my favourite paint to use! Thick and dreamy application and easy to clean and hard wearing. Also the planet friendly packing is incredible!!

White 02Kitchen

We only ever use Lick paint now, it’s unmatched for quality.

Teal 03Living room

The best paint we’ve used! Would absolutely recommend

Electric Poppies 01Living room

Beautiful wallpaper- great quality and looks amazing

Green 06Bedroom

Amazing coverage, velvety finish and an incredible depth of colour.

Pink 02Bathroom

Easy to use, great finish and genius samples

Black 01Hallway

Love the colour and that fact you don’t need to prep walls before painting

Green 02Bedroom

Absolutely loved using Lick!! The tester sheets were so helpful and the paint and application was amazing

Green 05Living room

The best paint I’ve used! I Swear by it

White 01Living room

Great product that applies really well and looks great in all our rooms!!

Pink 04Bathroom

The paint was absolutely fantastic to use. The coverage was brilliant and as a result, used a lot less paint than we were expecting - would highly recommend for the colours and the quality!

Pink 01Bathroom

Beautiful colour and coverage. One tin went a long way - we’d definitely use it again!

Red 03Bedroom

Really good coverage and colour saturation

Pink 02Bathroom

Excellent paint, excellent colour, excellent coverage. A dream to use.

Green 01Bedroom

Fantastic paint. An amazing range of colours!

Green 05Bedroom

Very easy to use! Covered well.

Fern 01Kitchen

Great. Would recommend.

Beige 05Bedroom

Such a beautiful deep colour, we adore the black undertones.

Red 03Bedroom

Such a beautiful earthy colour. Perfect to create an accent wall in my daughter's bedroom. It has great coverage and already ordered Green 06 and Black 02 for my recent projects.

Green 03Bathroom

Absolutely fantastic

Red 03Bedroom

Amazing product! The paint had really good coverage and we will definitely use again! Customer service were so great and friendly!

Green 03Hallway

We love Lick paints. So easy to use, lots of colours to choose from and really good quality.

Green 02Bedroom

Unreal consistency, only needed 2 coats for full coverage. Unique colour that you can't find anywhere else

Black 01Bathroom

Easy to use paint will a full coverage

Green 06Bathroom

Love love LOVE Lick - so easy to apply and the eggshell finish adds a tad of shimmer. Definitely recommend.

Pink 04Garden

Always loving Lick!

Teal 02Living room

Second time using a lick colour and it looks great

Green 05Living room

The quality of Lick paint is unlike any other paint I’ve used before

Green 06Living room

Although the price point is slightly higher than a standard paint, the quality is next level! Easy to apply and the results are exactly how we imagined

Green 02Bedroom

I'd definitely recommend Lick paint to others. It goes on a dream and the colour choices will suit everyone and their style! We will be using more of Lick in the future with the rest of our renovation. Looking forward to picking out a couple of Lick colours for the kitchen diner next.

Pink 02Bedroom

Amazing finish would and already have recommended

Black 01Bathroom

Beautiful coverage, goes on like a dream and super durable

Black 02Bedroom

Loved using Lick. The colour choice was super easy - I didn’t need 6 million colours to choose from, I just wanted ‘black’! The paint is like velvet to paint with and leaves a gorgeous flat finish :)

White 04Kitchen

Amazing coverage, speedy delivery and excellent customer service. Definitely recommend!

Pink 02Hallway

Love this colour! Perfect warm plaster tone

Red 03Bedroom

Absolutely love Lick’s products - only trouble is which colour to choose!!

Pink 01Living room

Big fan of Lick! Used in our hallway and living room! Really goes a long way and the finish is exactly what we were looking for

Teal 01Living room

First time using Lick paint. A dream to paint with.

Fern 01Bathroom

We loved using Lick products in our dental renovation. We used interior paint, exterior paint and wallpaper from Lick. All products were beautiful and easy to apply. The colours were rich and coverage was great. We found it so helpful that there were suggested colours and prints to compliment each other on the website. Love the samples to try in different areas of the practice too.

Greige 02Living room

Loved the paint, lovely application and perfect colour!

Black 01Living room

The paint was like velvet to use! Only took 2 coats to cover white! Amazing product!

Grey 07Living room

Absolutely love Lick, so easy to apply and such an amazing finish!

White 02Bathroom

Lick paint is magic in a tin. It lasts & lasts & the colours & coverage are genuinely amazing. It’s been our ‘go-to’ paint company since we first tried it a couple of years ago.

Red 03Bedroom

Absolutely loved it!

Yellow 04Living room

I have raved about Lick to everyone I know! I’ve used the yellow and green colours on mantelpieces, radiators, chandeliers and bathroom cabinets and adored every single final result.

Green 06Bedroom

A dream

Green 05Living room

My favourite paint

Green 05Bedroom

The perfect green!

Orange 01Living room

My favourite paint

White 01Living room

Great coverage

Green 02Living room

Beautiful paint - went on like a dream. So happy with the colour match sample too.

Blue 07Bedroom

We love using Lick paints - the colours are perfect for our style

Black 02Living room

Loved the colour, loved the application, was a dream to paint with.

Grey 07Living room

Loved using Lick. The coverage was great and it was generally nice to use!

Orange 02Living room

We love the colours and the paint goes on so nicely with great coverage.

Pink 01Dining room

Really lovely paint to use and love the choice of colours too. I have recommended it to all of my friends who are updating their houses.

Yellow 01Bedroom

My whole house is painted in Lick.. love it

Orange 02Bathroom

Best paint we’ve ever used - I’ve been recommending to everyone!

White 05Living room

Lovely chalky finish, very competitively priced too!

Green 06Bedroom

Product was amazing to use, colour is really nice. Would definitely recommend but would say the Matt colour marks quite easy so maybe eggshell is better for a bedroom

Green 02Living room

Love Lick. The paint goes on beautifully, the section of colour is amazing and the can makes painting so easy!

Pink 05Bedroom

Absolutely would recommend already sent it out for my friends to use

Pink 02Hallway

We love Lick! This is the second room in our home we have painted using Lick paint. The hallway is light in places and very dark on the stairs so we needed a colour that was both bright and warming. Pink 02 on the walls is perfect paired with White 02 on the ceiling, doors and skirting boards.

Mars Meadow 01Bedroom

I am so satisfied with wall paper, they are so beautiful. I would recommend Lick with all my heart!

Beige 01Hallway

The best paint I've ever used!! Super high coverage creamy paint, amazing branding, friendly staff, you can't go wrong!

Green 05Bedroom

Great coverage

Green 04Bathroom

Loved it!

Red 03Bedroom

Fabulous quality - exactly the same as the stick on sample!

Green 02Living room

We would definitely use again! Loved the eco friendly packaging and it’s gorgeous to paint with.

White 05Living room

Beautiful colours, fantastic coverage and went on like a dream. Highly recommended.

Green 05Bathroom

Love the colour!

Green 04Kitchen

Of course we would use again!

Teal 01Kitchen

Love working with Lick paint, perfect packaging, great coverage and perfect colour selection.

Red 03Bedroom

During the renovation I have used many paint samples but Lick has stood out by far. I have used both the Matt and the eggshell paint and both have given excellent coverage and the colours are fantastic! I look forward to using more Lick paint in my future projects.

Green 03Hallway

First time using the eggshell and it went on really well..would defiantly recommend!

Greige 02Kitchen

We loved our lick paint, and the tins have a lot of coverage!

Red 03Bedroom

We loved using Lick for our spare room decorating. Great quality paint and we love how the colour really brightens the room!

Green 02Living room

I’d highly recommend but the roller did break on first use so that was a little disappointing. Overall a great experience though.

Green 02Bedroom

Such a lovely product to work with. The best I've used infact. Great coverage, goes a long way & beautiful chalky finish. I would highly recommend

Purple 03Hallway

Phenomenal products. The paint had amazing coverage and went far. Very impressed with the quality. Perfect consistency, the first paint I’ve used on my ceiling that hasn’t splashed me on the face when rollering!

Green 06Bedroom

I love Lick brand and paint, such a high quality paint for a reasonable price! I don’t think I could use any other paint in my house now

Orange 02Dining room

I love the colour choices from Lick and the coverage of the paint itself. It makes a days painting so easy.

Green 03Kitchen

Super smooth to apply and brilliantly Matt

Green 05Dining room

We discovered Lick a couple of years ago & almost every room is now painted in Lick Paint. I recommend it all the time because it is quite literally magical paint & the colours are pure perfection.

Teal 03Living room

Easy to use, like for like colour

Black 01Bathroom

Brilliant paint, so lovely to work with and is so thick and pigmented. Only downside was we ordered during the Black Friday deal so delivery was a lot longer than expected (took around 3-4 weeks to arrive). Once it was here though we were delighted 😍

Green 03Living room

We absolutely love Lick paint. We wouldn’t choose anything else

Red 03Living room

It’s brilliant, it’s so thick and coverage is delicious

Black 01Bathroom

Fab, minimal to no drip!

Green 05Living room

Love the finish of the paint and the colour is so striking.

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