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Blue 06Living room

Nice colour

Green 02Kitchen

Yes, would definitely use again

Green 02Bedroom

Amazing products honestly the coverage was beautiful. I love the fact that I could sleep in the bedroom the same day I painted! The paint smell little to nothing!

Teal 03Bedroom

We love using Lick paint and it’s our go to paint when redecorating. We’ve used it all over the house, including the kitchen cupboards!

Green 06Living room

Always a pleasure to use Lick paint! This was our first time using a new decorator and he'd never used Lick before - he loved it!

Green 09Kitchen

So simple to use from choosing your colour to painting, absolutely perfect !

Blue 02Bedroom

Loved all the products. This was used in a rental property and was one of our first rooms to go. All the builders said they loved the paint too.

Red 01Living room

Great product - love the variety of colours, that the paint dries quickly and Licks' ethos as a company of selling sustainable and non-toxic products

Red 01Living room

Love the product, highly recommend and we’ll be using again

Red 01Living room

We really enjoyed painting with Lick. The colours are great and it goes on easy!

Pink 01Bedroom

Lick is forever my favourite paint to use! Thick and dreamy application and easy to clean and hard wearing. Also the planet friendly packing is incredible!!

White 02Kitchen

We only ever use Lick paint now, it’s unmatched for quality.

Teal 03Living room

The best paint we’ve used! Would absolutely recommend

Electric Poppies 01Living room

Beautiful wallpaper- great quality and looks amazing

Green 06Bedroom

Amazing coverage, velvety finish and an incredible depth of colour.

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